Bible Well

Global Access to Trustworthy Bible Resources

Across the globe, there are thousands of people groups that lack access to Biblical resources needed for producing their own translations of the Bible and deeply studying God’s Word.

The expansion of internet access globally, along with advances in technology, are making a growing amount of content available in an increasing number of languages. With these advancements, there is a growing desire for technology that is focused on helping translation teams rapidly produce Bibles in their own heart language along with using these new resources to deepen their own spiritual path.

The Bible Well app taps into curated, multi-modal, multilingual Bible and Biblical resources provided through Aquifer. Using the Bible Well app, church-centric teams in remote and semi-remote locations interact with translation guides in their own language. Supplemental content, such as images and translation resources, enhance the experience and can be readily shown on mobile devices.

The Bible Well app has been designed to work whether connected directly to the internet or disconnected. When a translation coordinator expects to be working offline, the app is designed to allow them to download needed content ahead of time on their mobile device while considering potential network and cost limitations.

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